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Providing support for optimal health through personalized nutrition consulting and reiki energy work.

Let your best self emerge.

Hey! I'm Mollie, and I want to help you become the best version of yourself =)
Quality nutrition and energy work have been instrumental in my healing journey, and continue to help me find balance in my life. As a Nutrition Consultant and Reiki Master, I want to support you in your own journey to good health: physically, emotionally, spiritually.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you!
Check out my services below:


Elementary Nutrition Package

Have you been lax about eating healthy?
Feel the need to reset?
Looking for clarity in the chaos of dietary advice?
I will guide you to establish healthy habits to help nourish your body so you can be your best.

What you will receive
4 weekly phone sessions where I provide personalized education and strategies to meet your health goals.The first session will be a review of your health challenges and goals. Subsequent sessions include guidance and education on topics related to your goals. We will discuss strategies to work on during the week. Strategies will be reached together to help you incorporate changes into your everyday routine. These could be how to shop better at the grocery store or finding supportive recipes that work with your budget and dietary needs.I am here for you! I offer responsive coaching for questions and guidance in between sessions for the duration of the 4 weeks via text or email.
Timeframe: 4 weeks
Cost: $180

New Mom Support Special

Becoming a mother is not just a physical transformation, it's a time of spiritual growth; it's a re-birthing of who you are.
Reiki supports clearing the chakras and releasing old patterns, bringing balance in a time of upheaval and readjustment.
I want to support you in this journey of healing and growth.

What you will receive:
30% off first 3 healing sessions. Applies to remote or in-person sessions.

Timeframe: Sessions must be scheduled within a 3 month period. Individual sessions are about 50 minutes.

Cost: $49 per session for 3 sessions
(Saving you $21 on one or $63 on three)

*In-person appointments are available at
Empowerment Healing Arts Sanctuary, Petaluma CA.

Energy Healing Session

Reiki is healing, universal energy that permeates everything.

Reiki healing
Balances subtle energies within the body, mind, and spirit for overall healthHelps release energetic blocks, relieve physical pains and emotional stressors.Promotes relaxation that helps the body to healSupports being grounded, as well as spiritual growth, helping you feel & be your best self

To learn more about Reiki, reach out to me! I'm happy to answer your questions and address your concerns.

What you can expect
Hands-on Reiki: Locals can book in-person healing sessions with me at Empowerment Healing Arts Sanctuary in Petaluma, CA. I'm available by appointment on Tuesdays & Thursdays. In-person appointments involve a brief conversation about what you'd like to focus on in your session. You will then lay down and relax - fully clothed - while I place hands directly on or you to address the intended areas or any others that present themselves for healing. We will check in at the conclusion for anything that might have come up for you during the session.Distance Healings: You will receive the same benefits as in-person healings, but from the comfort of your home. I will connect with you via call, text or email, before and after the healing takes place to check-in. (It is not necessary for you to do anything when receiving a distance healing. Sitting quietly and mindfully for the duration could be beneficial.)Reiki healings can also apply to cleansing spaces (homes, offices, etc) of negative or stuck energy. For a home/space cleansing, simply message me or visit reikicleansing.com.
Timeframe: ~45min
Healing Cost: $70

About Me

Mollie Robertson is a holistic Nutrition Consultant (Bauman College) who focuses on nutritional support and lifestyle strategies for achieving optimal health. As a Usui Reiki Master, she provides energetic support to bring balance to the vitality of the etheric, physical, and emotional bodies. She is intrigued by the interplay of life experiences and chronic health challenges, and believes that quality nutrition and energetic work can elevate our well-being.

Through a holistic approach to wellness, I have confronted my own health challenges. I developed a rare autoimmune condition as a teenager that required years of antibiotics and medication to treat. During that time, like many women, I battled:
anxiety depression IBSan eating disorder It took over a decade to understand the mental, spiritual and physical repercussions of that experience. Adopting healthier eating habits and engaging in inner work allowed me to:
heal my gutmaster my IBSdevelop more emotional resiliency.have a better understanding of who I was.
Around this time, I found a position at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, an organization dedicated to scientific exploration of consciousness and subtle energies. My years at IONS exposed me to knowledge and ideas around subjects I realized I had been hungry for all my life. It was here that I first learned about Reiki and other healing modalities. When I left to spend more time with my firstborn, I felt called to be an energy worker, specifically a Reiki Master.

I utilized my newfound passion for nutrition and inner exploration to guide me through two pregnancies and births of my healthy, happy children. Motherhood is definitely the greatest challenge I have encountered so far. I felt like I'd been cracked wide open and had to rediscover my true self. Reiki has illuminated my shadows and infused my life with light, balance, and inspiration.

By attentively nourishing body and soul everyday, I continue to feel empowered to transform and invigorate my life.

I am not a doctor or registered dietitian, I cannot diagnose or prescribe. I do promise to listen deeply, and to wholeheartedly guide and support you on your journey to eat well and be well.

Experience a sense of renewal, and let your best self emerge.

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