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Experience a sense of renewal and let your best self emerge

Hey there beautiful soul, I'm Mollie, and I want to support you to become your best self through energy healing. Energy work has been instrumental in my own journey, and offer different modalities and techniques to help you energetically towards your physical, mental, and spiritual healing.I look forward to connecting with you!


My reiking experience was amazing, I’m very thankful to have came across Mollie at Soul Rituals at a time when my heart ached for multiple reasons. During and after the session I felt at immense peace. At the end of the session. Mollie asked me if I had a grandmother figure pass, and right away with tears in my eyes said yes two years ago at the time I lost my grandmother who I had a hard time coping with her loss and knowing she was at peace. Now since then I carry peace in my heart knowing she’s at peace and is my guardian Angel. Mollie is amazing and I’m forever thankful, I was able to heal with this experience and learned how to cope with her loss with Mollie's guidance and reiking experience.
Jasmine E.
I felt so rejuvenated and energized after having a session with Mollie. She has a very calming energy. I look forward to having another session with her.
Clarissa H.
My husband and I have both had Reiki at Emerge Reiki. Mollie is professional and a wonderful Reiki healer and we highly recommend her.
Hannah D.
Mollie performed a Reiki healing on me which left me feeling lighter and with the knowledge of where to focus my meditation on. It was so interesting to feel a release in muscles and areas I didn't know had held tension from stress. It was a relaxing, soothing experience that I feel helped me realign my own energies, as well as giving me insight into what my chakras were being affected by.
Olivia L
Mollie has been a true healer for me. I have had in-person and long distance healings with her, and every time I experience actual physical sensations of relief and clearing of negativity or chaos. At first I resisted the idea of long distance healing, however with her guidance and patience I realized how powerful these sessions can be. Definitely recommend this lovely lady!
Debbie V.
I've hired Mollie to cleanse my home, office, and me. Her work in my office was particularly noticeable; she cleared a space in the corner that used to house the documents for all the settled matters the prior office occupant had worked on. Once the energy was cleansed, everyone in my 14 person office felt comfortable sitting in that corner and taking in the view down 2nd Street and just chatting. I had to start closing the door to so I could get work done!
Hannah S.
I had recently moved into a new office and immediately knew that there was something off about it. After talking to my coworkers I learned that there were a lot of unpleasant memories from the previous tenant. I asked Mollie for her help and after a single Reiki session there was a distinct change in the energy of the room. Because of Mollie I was able to start a new journey with confidence and positivity. I highly recommend her services.
Ryan A.
I use Mollie Robertson to Reiki all my real estate listings - no matter what. I always find it interesting what she has to relay back to me about the property and the client. It is almost 100% spot on. Clearing away unwanted energy and shining a light on the good with the property is always most welcomed. She is thoughtful, thorough and has a lovely energy herself.
Karen S, Realtor

What is Reiki & Rahanni?

Reiki is universal, life-force energy. It is a healing modality that began in early 20th century Japan by Mikao Usui, but is based on far older hands on energetic healing traditions. Your body's innate intelligence can use Reiki to clear negative patterns and restore flow where there are blocks or stagnation. As a Reiki Master, I channel Reiki to you with shared intention, holding sacred space for your self-healing.Benefits of Reiki include:
- Balance subtle energies within the body, mind, and spirit for overall health
- Help release energetic blocks, relieve physical pains and emotional stressors.
- Promote relaxation that helps the body to heal
- Support being grounded, as well as spiritual growth, helping you feel & be your best self
Rahanni Celestial Healing is another energy healing modality founded in 2002 by Carol A. Stacey. Rahanni is a Fifth Dimensional frequency, given to us for this new age of human experience. It focuses particularly on bringing balance and healing to the heart center, transmuting fear, anger, and old patterns into an expanded capacity for love, compassion, and peace. Those who have an affinity for the angelic realms or divine feminine archetypes such as Kwan Yin and Mary, will appreciate this energy.Benefits of Rahanni include:
- More love, compassion, joy, harmony, peace
- Increased alignment with higher self
- New expanded perspective
- Greater connection to higher dimensions and frequencies

Session Selections

Sessions are available remotely (via phone, Zoom, or Meet) or in-person in downtown Petaluma, CA.While many can experience immediate shifts, multiple sessions may be necessary for a "breakthrough" on a long-standing issue. For certain challenges and dis-eases, Reiki is a great complement to other healing modalities. Reiki is also a wonderful way to maintain energetic hygiene and flow.Chakra Cleanse: If you feel out of balance and are looking for an energetic cleanse or pick-me-up, this is the session for you. Using classic Usui Reiki, we cleanse your energy centers, restoring flow to stagnation, clearing negativity, and strengthening your personal channel.
Exchange: $60 for 45 min, $75 for 60min
Celestial Connection: Wanting to feel the angelic energies and connect to your higher self and your heart space? Rahanni can help you connect with the 5th Dimension, to bring more love, compassion, and authenticity to your life.
Exchange: $60 for 45 min, $75 for 60min
Shamanic Sessions: I use shamanic tools in combination with Reiki to bring healing and empowerment via:
- Soul Fragment Retrieval
- Power Retrieval
- Negative Attachment Removal
- Cord Removal
Please message me for if you have any questions or to see if this is would be a beneficial session for you.Exchange:
$110 for 60min session
Home & Office Cleansing: Energy healings can also apply to cleansing spaces (homes, offices, etc) of negative or stuck energy. These "cleansings" clear negative or stuck energy and allow more light and flow into the space. For a home or office cleansing, simply message me or visit reikicleansing.com .Timeframe: 30min -2hrs (size dependent)
Exchange: $60 (single room), $200-300+
Physical de-cluttering is available at an additional cost. Please message to discuss details.

About Me

Mollie Robertson is an intuitive energy worker who supports clients to bring balance and healing to their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves. Mollie is a Reiki Master of the Usui tradition, a Rahanni Celestial Healing Practitioner, and a Shamanic practitioner of the Celtic tradition. She uses her background as a holistic Nutrition Consultant and her interest in Dreamwork to inform her energy work. Mollie believes in the individual's ability to heal through connection to Source and sees energy work as an indispensable facilitator and reminder of this power.

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