Nourishing Reiki Wellness

Experience a sense of renewal, and let your best self emerge

Hey there beautiful soul, I'm Mollie, and I want to support you to become your best self through energy healing. Energy work has been instrumental in my own journey, and offer different modalities and techniques to help you energetically towards your physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

I look forward to connecting with you!

What is Reiki and Rahanni?

Reiki is universal, life-force energy. Reiki energy can:
Balance subtle energies within the body, mind, and spirit for overall healthHelp release energetic blocks, relieve physical pains and emotional stressors.Promote relaxation that helps the body to healSupport being grounded, as well as spiritual growth, helping you feel & be your best self
Rahanni Celestial Healing is a more recent modality. Rahanni is a healing energy of the Fifth Dimension. It focuses on bringing balance and healing to the heart center to expand capacity for love, compassion, and peace. Those who have an affinity for the angelic realms will appreciate this energy.

Energy Healing Sessions

All sessions are currently remote; we connect via phone or video call. I am looking to resume in-person sessions in downtown Petaluma in Spring of 2021.

Chakra Cleanse: If you feel out of balance and are looking for an energetic cleanse or pick-me-up, this is the session for you. Using classic Usui Reiki, we cleanse your energy centers, restoring flow to stagnation, clearing negativity, and strengthening your personal channel.
Timeframe: 30-45min
Exchange: $45

Celestial Connection: Wanting to feel the angelic energies and connect to your higher self and your heart space? Rahanni can help you connect with the 5th Dimension, to bring more love, compassion, and authenticity to your life.
Timeframe: 30-45min
Exchange: $45

Shamanic Session: Shamanic techniques in tandem with Reiki can address:
Soul Fragment RetrievalPower RetrievalEntity RemovalCord Removal
Timeframe: 45-60min
Exchange: $75

While many can experience immediate shifts, multiple sessions may be necessary for a "breakthrough" on a long-standing issue. For certain challenges and dis-eases, Reiki is a great complement to other healing modalities. Reiki is also a great way to maintain energetic hygiene and flow.

Home & Office Energy Cleansing: Energy healings can also apply to
cleansing spaces (homes, offices, etc) of negative or stuck energy. These "cleansings" clear negative or stuck energy and allow more light and flow into the space. For a home or office cleansing, simply message me or visit reikicleansing.com .
Timeframe: 60-90min
Exchange: $45 (single room), $200-300+

About Me

Mollie Robertson is an intuitive energy worker who provides energetic support to bring balance to the vitality of the etheric, physical, and emotional bodies. Mollie is a Reiki Master of the Usui tradition, a Rahanni Celestial Healing Practitioner, and often uses Shamanic techniques in her work. She uses her background as a holistic Nutrition Consultant and a Dreamwork enthusiast to inform her energy work. Mollie believes in the individual's ability to heal through connection to Source and sees energy work as an indispensable facilitator and reminder of this power.

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